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My renaissance as an artist and designer

Pencil Marks

This is how it started: a blue ribbon at the Dade County Youth Fair for a poem I wrote at the tender age of eight; a piece of pink construction paper torn to reveal the rough shape of the dog hidden within the fibers; a series of instamatic 110 photographs of my uncle as he fell in love with the woman who was to become my aunt. Those moments taught me the power of imagery.

Then the years intervened – school, jobs, laundry, love, loss, limbo…

I want to share how I began to  re-discover  my creative self: how an Art Instructor told me to “draw what you see” and changed my life; how a long, cold night spent shooting black and white photographs of a frozen fountain informed and inspired my own unique design aesthetic; how being called out for leaving pencil marks on a finished piece taught me I’d better pay attention  to detail (or else); how seeing my poetry  in print made me cry like a baby in the waiting room of Mr. Tire as my car was being treated for a flat. This is all part of it: the joy, the shame, the pride, the doubt, the work, the worry, the exhilaration.  And these are the words and pictures, the curves and colors, the moments and the mentors that instruct and inspire me.

– Cam Yee

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    June 7, 2015

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