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Graphic Standards Manual – The Struggle Continues

Attempting to design a GSM is an exercise in intimidation. Researching examples of this type of document led to considerations of scale and scope that seemed impossible to meet within the … Continue reading

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Graphic Standards Manual

The newest assignment in Graphic Design 3 is to build a Graphic Standards Manual based on a provided logo. We are not re-designing the logo, but rather defining its use. … Continue reading

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Talking Turkey – The Sequel

Step 4: Expand the best ideas into roughs After initial sketches I solicited input from friends and family and considered the flexibility of the ideas. The Talk Turkey to me sketch was … Continue reading

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The Empty Book Part II

I wound up with quite a few ideas I loved when the sketching was complete. I went back and forth on a few of them but ultimately settled on The … Continue reading

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The Empty Book

My current project is to design a front and back cover and spine for an “empty” book. A copy of the book will be produced in physical format by and … Continue reading

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Talk Turkey to me

Back in school – This semester’s forcing me to be a little more active on WordPress. I have to make blog posts for each project in my Graphic Design III … Continue reading

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“To Break Away from the Recycled”

I’m taking a pretty basic Intro to Art class online from a Community College. But the instructor of the class is clearly passionate about the topic and as a result … Continue reading

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The Empty Feeling at the End

I find myself so caught up in trying to keep up that I am stalling a little in my creative journey. I am spending more time digesting content than creating it. So how to jump start the learning process?

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When in doubt, ask an expert

In my efforts to navigate the ever-increasing complexities of the Social Media vortex, I decided it would be a good idea to form a picture of how a very active … Continue reading

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